Alcohol and Fighting: 
Neither Belong at the track!

As a reminder, alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the restricted area of NKA facilities. This includes hiding it in red plastic cups... Additionally, fighting (and the injuries associated with a fight) are not covered by NKA. 

Why are we reinforcing this now?Recently, an NKA track had a tragedy. One punch resulted in a fatality. While the facts are not totally known yet and the police investigation is still on-going, there is a suggestion that alcohol was involved.

Many of us enjoy a cold beer with our racing buddies at the track; however, there may be that one guy that can't stop drinking & can't handle his alcohol. This can result in a number of problems for you & your facility. 

While the decision and responsibility is still yours, NKA strongly encourages all our facilities to begin a more stringent enforcement of not allowing alcohol to be consumed at any time in the restricted area of the facility.  Additionally, NKA strongly suggests your facility enforce strict policies regarding fighting (verbal and physical). One "bad apple" could easily destroy your business... 

If you have questions or need assistance with ideas on enforcing either alcohol and/or fight policies, feel free to contact NKA.
We are down to one more race.  The Metro Dirt Championship is the last points race of the season, Saturday September 13th.  Hot laps at 5:30, races at 6pm.  Lets be safe and have some fun!ATTENTION RACERS:
Draw cut off is 5:20pm. If you miss cut off you will have to start in the back of both heats.

Gates open: 4:00pm
 Draw Cut off: 5:20pm
Hot laps: 5:30pm
Racing: 6:00pm

 Kart: $20.00
 Pit Pass: $10.00
Spectator Admission: $5.00
NOTICE: Rule change for Rookies, Sportkids, JR 1 and JR 2. You can now run a corresponding Animal plate. Any question's please call Karl.
Also Karts with Cages are welcomed.

Remember, this season we focusing on safety.  Please make sure that all your equipment is up to date.
Please remember pets are not allowed at the track, in the pits or in the spectator stands.
For the racers, for scoring we must be able to see the numbers on your karts clearly or we cannot score you.  Make sure they are on all 4 sides and they must be a contrasting color so they are legible from a distance, at speed and after sundown.
Remember, if you have friends or family visit you in the pits, it is your responsibility to inform them of the wrist band requirement if they intend to stay in the pit area.  Penalties could result from failure to comply.